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Hire a Shopify Website Developer from Atomic Studio and you can fast track your success as an online business.

So what is Shopify?

Shopify is the leading solution for anyone looking to sell and market products online. Shopify is a cloud based website building software; Aimed towards any sized business or person looking to setup an online shop to sell products. The platform is used by millions of customers around the globe. It is growing at an exponential rate. The platform was created in 2006 in Canada in response to a severe shortage of technology for creating digital storefronts.

The founders planned to start and run a snowboarding equipment eCommerce store called Snowdevil. They were disappointed with the technology present at the time. They then chose to create Shopify from the ground up. Shopify has since grown to become the most popular and well-known eCommerce website builder. Used by companies all around the globe.


What are the benefits of a Shopify website?

  • Highly user friendly. Day to day management is a breeze.
  • Operates over an advanced cloud network. This means fast speeds and rare downtime.
  • Plenty of features available and new features often added.
  • A large app store with thousands of different applications. allowing for even further store customization.
  • Built in analytics and reporting, making it easy to track your sites visitors and performance.
  • Multiple pricing plans available with options to cater to any budget size.
  • Outstanding support available, 24/7! to help with technical issues.
  • Integration with a multitude of other systems like accounting, inventory and payment providers.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage, all handled by Shopify. Cutting out the need to pay for hosting like you would with other ecommerce systems.
  • A handy mobile app that allows you to manage your entire store from your mobile phone.
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    Do I need a Shopify Website Developer?

    It is no secret, Shopify is an ideal solution for anyone branching out into ecommerce. You can easily setup a Shopify store and begin to sell products online. This will have its limitations though. like any platform, some features, designs and solutions will need to be handled by an expert.

    When you hire a Shopify Website Developer from Atomic Studio; our dedicated team of experts will devise the best approach and create an effective strategy to maximize your business online. We have many clients who have started up their own Shopify stores, without assistance. They have eventually outgrown their site and enlisted us to take their business to the next level.

    Our team have over 10 years’ experience designing and building successful Shopify websites. Working in a variety of industries. A Shopify Website Developer from Atomic Studio will be with you throughout the entire process. We will always available to offer further support after completion.

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